Project: Explore Culture
Work: Branding, Web Design, Book Design
Date: 2019 

Objective: Find a dying or dead brand and redesign its brand identity to fit a future vision. Investigated the brand’s history and target audience, and analyze the brand’s soul to lead the brand into a new vision with new extensions.

Approach: The brand I chose was Gourmet, which was a popular but nearly defuncts foody magazine. To make it, Gourmet needs to expand its extensions with a new identity. The new identity reflects the idea of Gourmet aiming to provide opportunities for people who want to explore different culture through food.

Logo Design ︎︎︎

Website presenting new extensions ︎︎︎

Challenges & Reflections ︎︎︎

A good logo comes from massive sketches and it could express the brand soul. Besides the Visual Identity, brandingis extended to explore new extensions to create more communications and experiences.
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